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University of Bath placements/internships


The University of Bath, UK, are one of the newest Community Partners of BABC Northern California, with a large community of alumni on the West Coast. Professional placements/internships are an integral part of the University's undergraduate degrees, with students taking up to a one-year placement during their third year of study.


British Airways is partnering with The Diana Award as part of its commitment to making a positive impact in local communities, with a particular focus on supporting children and young people living challenging lives in the UK and overseas.

An Introduction to Ultrasound Security Research

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the use of sound as a communications channel for device-to-device communications. This practice has been termed Data-Over-Sound (DOS) and has been billed as a cheap and easy to use alternative to traditional communications protocols such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As this is a relatively new technology, it is lacking any kind of standardisation, while different manufacturers and companies offer competing technologies with different implementations and varying levels of security. This means that as this technology gains more momentum there are likely to be a number of security questions raised and assurances sought.

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