Rugby World Cup Sevens Volunteer Program

Next summer, all eyes will be on Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 taking place at the iconic AT&T Park in San Francisco July 20 – 22. This is the first time ever that a Rugby World Cup is coming to the United States. The official Volunteer Program is launching and we invite you to participate in putting on this historic event! Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 is now accepting applications for a variety of volunteer opportunities supporting the tournament to welcome the 40 teams, fans and visitors from around the world at our hotels, transportation hubs and AT&T Park. Roles include Bay Area ambassadors, rugby geniuses, and support for our media, hospitality, team services and operations teams. Read more

Osborne Clarke - An update on EEA-UK data flows post-Brexit | UK government sets out its position

On 24 August 2017, the UK government published its latest Brexit position paper, this time setting out its plans for ensuring that personal data can continue to move back and forth between the UK and the EEA once the UK falls outside of the EEA. In this short update, we summarise the key messages, why it matters and what happens next. Find all of our latest Brexit insights, along with our Brexit checklist. Read more

Latest Update from RocketSpace’s Corporate Innovation Blog

2016 was an eventful year, marked by unprecedented political polarization, hacked emails made public by WikiLeaks, Brexit, two huge Yahoo security breaches, and even exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. But hidden among the uncertainty lies a year of unparalleled technological advances. 2016 will be remembered as a tipping point for artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous car technology and virtual/augmented reality—all of which was stimulated by corporate-backed rounds, accelerators and partnerships. Read more

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