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About us

The Greater Birmingham Transatlantic Chamber is a chapter of the New York headquartered BritishAmerican Business Network, the leading transatlantic networking organisation. The Transatlantic Chamber is committed to promoting transatlantic trade and investment among our international group of businesses. The BAB Network is the largest transatlantic networking organisation, with 23 Chapters across the UK, US and Canada, including over 2,000 member companies and 10,000 business executives. The organisation is committed to helping companies connect and build business on both sides of the Atlantic.

BABC Annual Transatlantic Conference

Once a year the BAB Network brings together members of all its 23 chapters throughout the US and UK at its Annual Transatlantic Business Conferences, for a 2-day program of high-level business discussions and networking with business executives actively involved in transatlantic business. The conference has previously been held in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Washington and San Francisco.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Increased visibility 

Event sponsorship guarantees brand awareness and media coverage. The timing of your event sponsorship is key in or order to ensure maximum impact. 

Build your brand 

Sponsoring an event is a good way to demonstrate an expertise in a certain field and build a brand reputation. 

Lead generation 

The target audience is much more likely to be converted into customers. A personalised approach is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to getting new customers. 

Current & new business 

Strengthening customer relationships through face-to-face interaction is another big advantage of sponsoring events. Events are not only great for generating leads but also for finding new partners and meeting like-minded professionals.


Main contact: Lauren Hunt, Manager, Transatlantic Chamber of Commerce

07951 245985

Twitter handle: @TransatlanticCh 

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