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USTR Releases Preliminary Tariffs on EU Aircraft and Various Goods

For many years, Boeing and the US government have cried unfair and illegal trade practices over EU subsidies of Airbus aircraft. Likewise, Airbus has alleged unfair US subsidies of Boeing planes. The two sides took their cases to the World Trade Organization (WTO), where the fight continues to this day. On April 8, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued a press release regarding US$11 billion of preliminary tariffs on a wide range of EU goods, not limited to aircraft-related products. The list could present a sizable threat to US-EU trade and complicate the impending trade talks. USTR is launching a comment period to solicit public input on the impact of these tariffs. This presents an opportunity for companies to make their case and seek removal of their products from the list. We can provide regulatory advice and a complementary legislative strategy to help you make a compelling argument.

Read the PDF here. 

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