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Tracking the growth of Industrial IoT in Asia | April 2019

Asia is a massive market and has transformed immensely over the last decade. The next stage is the boom of IoT, which will enable nations across Asia to transform their relationships with the world even further, starting with manufacturing and logistics – so-called 'Industrial IoT' (IIoT). So, as we do from time to time, we’ve interviewed a number of companies to pull together a report, working in association with Conventus Law, to answer the question, 'How will IoT transform industry in Asia?'

In this report, we get insights from our leadership team, including John Koh(Partner in Hong Kong), Ralph Lim (Director in Singapore) and Guohua Zhang (Co-Managing Partner in China) on the state of the IIoT market in China, which perceives Industry 4.0 to be the answer to the fundamental demographic and economic shifts that otherwise might spell long-term trouble for its manufacturing sec

tor. We look at Hong Kong, which has launched its own ‘reindustrialisation’ campaign that will rely on IIoT to breathe new life into its manufacturing sector. We also have commentary on IIoT in India, which is also embracing Industry 4.0 technologies in the hope of turning the country into an advanced manufacturing hub and delivering on the central government’s economic targets. And finally Singapore, which is already a technological leader in the Asia-Pacific region, and sees IIoT as a means of attracting new industrial investment and is positioning itself as a thought leader in the field.

Simply put; Asia is a dynamic and changing region place which, despite ongoing trade tensions, is not a place that US companies can ignore. This is where our Asia team can assist if you are looking to enter the market or grow your business in Asia. We can help you and your team understand what the key issues are and how to make doing business in Asia as easy as possible. There is nothing worse than making a costly mistake that turns into a legal headache!

Shifting the focus to Europe, we have a few European partners coming out over the next month or so. We kick off next week with the return of Paul Anning (Partner and head of our International Payments practice based in the UK), who will be here from April 15th until the 18th. A month later, May 6th – May 10th, we have members of our growing tax team: Erika Jupe(Partner and head of our International Tax Practice group based in the UK), Job van der Pol (Partner and Head of Tax for the Netherlands) and Miguel Lorán (Partner in the tax department in Spain), out here on the West Coast.

If you’d like to catch up with any of these experts while they are in the Bay Area please let Sam Evans know.

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