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Penningtons Manches Release Guide to Doing Business in the UK

The UK is going through a period of important constitutional change at present as it prepares to withdraw from the European Union. Although the form and shape of the UK’s exit are yet to be defined, the UK scores highly in terms of ease of doing business with a healthy combination of a flexible and open business environment, good public services and infrastructure, and a very well established and robust common law legal framework. It is highly unlikely that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will change this and the Government has made it very clear that the UK will remain very much ‘open for business’.

According to the latest figures from the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT), there has been a steady rise in the level of inward investment over the past few years. By geography, while the US remains the largest source of investment, there are also significant levels of investment from Asia and Europe.

The UK’s strength and depth of innovation and development, together with its international links, provide a reassuring familiarity that appeals to companies throughout the world with international aspirations. It is and will continue to remain a key location for expansion, with access to a diverse and exciting market and acting as a gateway to many jurisdictions where it has strong links.

This guide provides a general overview of the eight areas of most relevance for companies looking to establish a presence in the UK.

■ Setting up a corporate structure
■ UK tax regime
■ Intellectual property rights in the UK
■ Data protection
■ Visas and immigration
■ UK employment law
■ Trading and regulation in the UK
■ Property: setting up an office

Our team continues to help US companies with their investment, funding and growth opportunities in the UK, as well as connecting high growth companies in the UK's "golden triangle" of London-Oxford-Cambridge with the US. Read on and check out our new guide here

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