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Ezr Mobile appoints BABC Member Chris O’Brien as New Director of Sales!

We are pleased to announce that BABC Business Level Member, EZR Mobile, has appointed fellow Member Chris O’Brien as Director of Sales. Our congratulations Chris and wishing you well in your new role. We know you will be a valuable asset to the EZR team.

EZR Mobile is a unique and flexible consumer Way-Finding System and corporate advertising platform designed to help people locate their cars quickly and easily. Current clients include airports, shopping centers, off-site parking garages, real estate brokers and Churches to name a few. As an example, airports use this mobile, interactive and multi-lingual platform to provide their travelers with access to real-time travel information prior to their arrival and upon their return.

By texting the unique code found on our Airport Smart Signs (see illustration), travelers will receive the following on their mobile device:

• The location of their parked vehicle
• Text link to access their updated flight information
• Text link to view a map of the airport terminal, and information on service listings, such as nearby restaurants, shops and restroom locations

Upon returning to their vehicle, if a customer finds they have a flat tire or a dead battery, they can reach emergency support with a click of a button.

Airports stay connected to their travelers by using the platform to share other useful information and offers from their advertising clients such as discounted overnight parking or coupons for shops, restaurants or airline packages. EZR Mobile also provides the ability to collect feedback to learn how the service enhanced their experience and what improvements, if any, need to be made.

EZR Mobile inexpensive and easy to implement depending on how many Smart Signs there are placed. Some Airports only put them by the elevator banks and bus stops, others put them on every other pillar and others put them at the end of each row, depending on the size of the Lot. We recommend minimally putting them on the elevators, crosswalks and bus stops. Some of EZR clients offset the cost of the program and make a profit, by obtaining a sponsor for the program (see the Geico example above).

Visit EZR’s website to learn more. www.ezrmobile.com or use this form to contact us.

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