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Aboda - There aren’t many easy wins left in business.

There aren’t many easy wins left in business.

That’s why one of our favorite moments at ABODA is when we help companies use a global housing strategy to create cost savings while delivering a better human experience for the people at the heart of the enterprise.

Here are some of the factors that may mean you can deliver a better alternative for your team and give a reason for your friends in Finance to smile:

  • How many stays are taking place near your headquarters or a key global location?
  • What about temporary assignments or market expansions that create a repetitive need in the same place?
  • Have you quantified savings in meal expenses if your guests had a kitchen?
  • What if you could eliminate taxes and fees?
  • Are events like Dreamforce or Oracle OpenWorld blowing out your hotel budget or locking out your team?
  • Do you have a global partner with API capabilities to connect with your travel systems?

Doing the math on these factors can mean real tangible ROI for companies who work with us to get their own dedicated furnished apartment and connect to the right resources around the globe.

Add in the intangible values of impressing the must-win sales prospect, landing the hard to find job candidate or just ensuring your team is rested and ready to work during their stay and you’ve transformed a cost center to value. Want to learn more? Let’s talk about what makes sense for you.

Please visit Aboda's website or email george.nixon@aboda.com for more information

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