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Raphael House: Design Lovers! Join Us for Chairity on October 11

Join Raphael House Chairity to appreciate and bid on authentic works of art designed by some of the Bay Area's most creative designers! This year, Bay Area contract furniture firm Two invited 32 designers to take a used chair and give it a new life. The designers can deconstruct, re-upholster, and reinvent their “chair” using whatever means available to them. On October 11th, anyone can take one of these new designs home with them by bidding online or during the Chairity event at EQ3 in San Francisco.

A First Class Rescue Effort By British Airways For Slow Loris, Nora

British Airways teamed up with Monkey World in Dorset to rescue a baby Slow Loris primate named Nora, which was being sold illegally in a pet shop in Lebanon. The young, endangered, nocturnal primate had been prized away from her mother to be sold, and faced an uncertain future. When local authorities in Lebanon discovered her, she was confiscated and cared for by Animals Lebanon who contacted Monkey World in Dorset to ask if they could arrange a permanent home for her with their other group of Bengal Slow Loris’.

Improving Your Embedded Linux Security Posture with Yocto

Embedded systems are regularly found to lack modern security-focused designs and implementations, despite decades of advancements in the field of computer security. Although the emergence and adoption of projects such as Yocto and OpenEmbedded have made it easier to develop and maintain firmware for embedded Linux systems, NCC Group has often found that engineering teams are not utilizing these tools to their full potential.

HM Consul General Andrew Whitaker talks Climate Change

Climate change should be at the forefront of all of our minds. It would be difficult for anyone over the past few months to have avoided news or smoke from the dozens of fires raging along the west coast - including one that prompted Yosemite Valley to close for the first time in nearly 30 years!

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