Individual - $200 p.a.


Individual Membership allows any individual with a general interest in British American relationships to stay connected with other individuals and companies who share that interest. Our Individual Membership provides opportunities to extend their personal and business networks by providing access to the full range of social events and programs put on by the BABC.

  • Access at prevailing Member rates to the full range of events/programs conducted in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the East Bay.
  • Access to Member-only special offers, promotions and discounts through the BABC Member Information Center.
  • Introduction to the BABC Community via the Newsletter.  Individual's name only.
  • Listing on the “Our Members” web page of the BABC Website. Individual's name only.
  • Opportunity to purchase up to 4 individual member tickets to the BABC Annual Christmas Lunch (tickets available on a first come, first served basis)
  • Opportunity to attend the BABC Annual Economic Lunch at the Member discounted rate. 4 tickets limit per person.

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