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iPresent is a UK based software company, that opened offices in the Bay Area almost 18 months ago. The company just became a new member with the BABC in San Francisco and is very pleased with the results. In the past 3 months we have participated in over 10 events, we have gained over 30 new business contacts that have referred us to new prospects, or have provided us with internal referrals within their own companies. This has led to a significant increase in proposals submitted for our innovative software, iPresent, a SaaS based content management system that delivers content to mobile devices in an elegant way. We are working on expanding our engagement with the local BABC chapter by sponsoring events, and offering promotions, and newsletter content, and we are looking to leverage the BABC to expand in other markets. The support for introductions to the right people has been second to none. A big thanks to Jo Healey and her team for their energy, enthusiasm, and desire for us to succeed in the US!

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Ian Dunnington — VP, Enterprise Sales iPresent

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