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Access to the right connections, markets, influence and intelligence is key to business success. And high-quality access, on both sides of the Atlantic, is at the heart of the business advantage we offer.

We offer our members in Northern California practical business expansion opportunities by delivering high-caliber networking and marketing opportunities, top-quality business intelligence, regulatory advice, and the opportunity to achieve real business from the personal relationships they develop through their membership.

Welcome from Stephen Wares                                                                                                

President, BABC Northern California

Founded in 1954 as the British American Trade Center, original Board Members included representatives of BOAC, Bechtel, Barclays, Wells Fargo and Orient & Pacific Lines. Today the British American Business Council (BABC) is one of the most important and influential UK/US bilateral trade organizations in Northern California.

There are more than 200 global UK companies with established operations in the Bay Area and over 350 US companies headquartered here who have offices or subsidiaries in the United Kingdom. This UK-USA connection represents one of the greatest concentrations of bilateral business in one geographic area within the United States. The challenges faced by our members have many similarities to those of the original founding members, and the mission of the BABC remains as valid as it was in 1954, to help British and American businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive global context.

We serve our members by providing a business focused environment that cultivates opportunity, expansion of personal networks, and social interaction by facilitated introductions, and organizing a number of events throughout the year, many of which you will find listed on this website. In addition, we jointly sponsor and promote events with other Bay Area organizations that we believe will be of value to our members. We also maintain strong links with the British Consulate-General in San Francisco, particularly with the UK Trade & Investment department.

Our Board of Directors represents a number of leading professional, financial, service and technology companies in the Bay Area with many years of European and global business experience and a deep expertise in both the USA and the UK markets. With an increasing focus on the technology and manufacturing businesses in the Bay Area we continue to attract new and dynamic members to the board.

In recent years we have invested in, and continue to maintain a social media presence, we actively assist our members to use this capability as a tool for expanding our collective network. In addition to this online presence we maintain a BABC Directory containing a listing of the Council’s corporate members together with a company profile and contact information. I strongly encourage you to make use of our online presence, the directory and the many other services offered by the Council as well as those of the network of trade organizations of which we are a part.

We welcome new members, both individual and corporate, so don’t hesitate to contact our San Francisco office to explore further the benefits we offer. Telephone: +1 415-296-8645 or email: info@babcsf.org

Stephen Wares
President, BABC Northern California 


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